The 12 Steps of Realistic Recovery

I have a deep spiritual belief in Reality, and Rational Thinking . I have chose to see Reality as a “Higher Power”,  since it was Reality I was trying to deny and escape from with my addictions.  Reality is what I need to face and  submit to in order to honestly recover. This is the version I personally felt I needed to write in order for me to participate in 12-Step recovery — Mike H.

12 Steps of Realistic Recovery

  1. I can no longer deny I have an addiction, and admit my addiction can make me feel powerless, and that my choices and decisions while unaware or in denial of my addiction were destructive.
  2. I came to believe that  realistic and rational thinking could restore me from the insanity of addictive thinking.
  3. I will let myself be helped by myself and others by using realistic and rational thinking and will never again turn my will and life over to addictive thinking.
  4. I will make a realistic and rational evaluation or “inventory” of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors, both positive and negative. This is not to induce guilt and shame, but to evaluate where my attitudes, actions and decisions were not realistic or rational.
  5. I will now admit to myself, the exact nature of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors, both positive and negative. I will share and review this evaluation with another willing person if I choose, unless where to do so would put myself or others at risk.
  6. I am entirely ready to allow realistic and rational thinking to reveal my destructive patterns of addictive thinking and behaviour.
  7. I will apply realistic and rational thinking and behaviour to replace my addictive thinking and behaviour.
  8. I will make a list of all person’s I have harmed, or been harmed by, in a way that might have enabled my addictive thinking.
  9. I will take the responsibility of making amends and give the opportunity of receiving amends, except when to do so would put myself or others at risk.
  10. I will continue to evaluate my life, and when my thoughts, feelings and behaviors are not realistic or rational, I will promptly admit it.
  11. I will seek to improve my conscious awareness of reality, striving for the knowledge of what is real and rational and for the ability and determination to stop my addictive thinking and behaviour.
  12. Having had progress towards a realistic and rational self-awareness away from addictive thinking as a result of what I have accomplished with these principles, I shall practice these principles in all areas of my life, and will be willing to share these principles with others who think they might gain from them.

Mike H. – January 2009

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