Hello and welcome to everyone who happens to stumble upon this site.

My name is Mike H. and I am an addict successfully recovering from multiple addictions.

I am writing this blog to better assist myself in my own personal recovery from addiction,  addictive thinking, and my dysfunctional past.

One of my techniques for battling addiction/dysfunctional behavior is to attend 12 Step fellowships.

But my main problem with the original 12 Steps was always the mention of a “god” that we have to submit to and turn our will over to .

Since a belief in a “mythological deity” is not realistic or rational for me, I felt I needed to re-write the 12 Steps,  for my own personal use, in a manner that reflected my deep personal and spiritual belief in reality and rational thinking. I believe that “truth”, “honesty” and “reality” are higher powers.

I would also refer to myself as a realist, not an atheist, agnostic, anti-Christian, anti-Semite or infidel.

I prefer to think of myself as who I am,  as opposed to who I am not. Therefore I am a realist, and anyone who decides to not seek reality,  but chooses to believe in fictional characters who watch over us to see if we are good or bad  (God, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Santa, etc…), I would respectfully refer to as a non-realist.

I do not see how I can recover from the insanity of addiction, without a firm belief in reality and rational thinking. If I choose to “substitute” one irrational thought process (addictive thinking) for another (religious thinking), I personally feel I am not recovering at all in the way that I wish to recover.

I have seen that there is a place for religion in this world, and that it can give great hope to those who feel trapped in a hopeless situation. For me,  accepting religions and mythologies  would be like accepting a “story” and no longer seeking the truth. I would rather seek the truth and  reality than settle for a fictious story.

This blog is helping me, I hope it helps you in some way should you happen by chance to land upon it.

I hope no one is offended by my postings  and something positive can result from your visit here.

“take what you need, leave the rest.”

Hope and Recovery,

Mike H.


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