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Video: John Bradshaw – Sample Meditation on Healing the Inner Child

Video: John Bradshaw – Sample Meditation on Healing the Inner Child

John Bradshaw leads audiences through an emotional and powerful meditation on Healing the Shame That Binds You – Championing and Reclaiming Your Inner Child.
This meditation helps people feel their feelings, escape from their damaged past and reclaim and heal their lives.
An abusive, neglectful, traumatic or shamed childhood can lead us to become mood altering addicts, t though sex, love, food, alcoholism, drug or substance addictions and many other behaviors we see emerging with our children like cutting.
The brain is simply pruned through our exposures to dysfunctional parenting imprinting our amygdala and causing us to act out in response to situations that we may not even be conscious of, much like a post traumatic stress disorder response.
It contaminates so many behaviors and relationships in our adult lives. This meditation is very revealing and healing. This is only a small part of the meditation.
The complete meditation and workshop can be found on or 713-771-1300.

Please visit for more helpful information.

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  1. Not quite the same but a similar topic on youtube.

  2. Mike,
    Wanted to chime in with a ‘thanks’ for your blog/site. I’m trying to start this year (after 6 months of working with a therapist and realizing that I just need to figure out what to change, and CHANGE IT) by making a list of behaviors that I need to either stop or start, and then figure out how to do that. This list is a great start. I really appreciate all your secular recovery info. The “spiritual” side of AA always through me, and your site covers many of my “issues” (ACOA, CoDependence, Dysfunction, etc). I may use your site as my outline for the upcoming year…

  3. Here’s another helpful resource.

  4. I am so greatful for these vidios , and groups this has been and will continue to be instramental to me in my juorney of healing thank you

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