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Basic Universal Spiritual Principles

Basic Universal Spiritual Principles

This is a partial list of universal spiritual principles which have been taught repeatedly by many of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers throughout history including the Buddha, Jesus, Lao-Tsu, etc. One of the most often disputed and challenged beliefs promoted here concerns the great similarity and agreement among the most influential spiritual gurus, teachers, religions, spiritual paths, etc. when their teachings are properly interpreted or understood. I firmly believe that strengthening the bridges that connect various faiths and celebrating the similarities is much more spiritually principled than tearing them down and adopting divisive fundamentalist belief systems in which only one’s own group can ever be right & making everyone else wrong.

(This list of universal spiritual principles is a work in progress; there are currently a few overlapping principles listed here.)

  •     Practicing humility; deflating the ego (ego deflation seems to be a central pillar of any real spiritual practice, although it’s not often called ego deflation per se)
  •     Making peace
  •     Mindfulness of the present moment
  •     Constantly monitoring one’s stream of thoughts to keep them positive and compassionate (closely related to mindfulness of the present moment)
  •     Not worrying about the future
  •     Not dwelling in the past
  •     Non-attachment (to things, people, places, ideas, habits, etc.)
  •     Constant awareness of & connection to the Source (Mother Nature, God, Tao, Universal Intelligence, Creator, creative force, the universe, or whatever else one might choose to call the Unknowable Realm)
  •     Applying spiritual principles not only to humans but creation in its entirety (nature, creatures, pets, trees, etc.; basically everything)
  •     Hope; maintaining a positive outlook, even in the face of despair
  •     Focusing on unity, oneness, and similarities instead of division, separateness, and differences
  •     Tolerance and acceptance; refraining from criticizing, condemning, complaining (classic Dale Carnegie; this is not an easy one for most of us, i.e. me)
  •     Forgiving others when we are wronged
  •     Displaying courage in the face of fear
  •     Following your heart, not worrying about the opinions and beliefs of others; avoiding habitual conformity
  •     Open-mindedness, flexibility, remaining teachable; willingness to learn and to objectively explore and study, rather than blindly accepting whatever you are told you “should” do or “ought” to believe
  •     Bringing truth to error
  •     Displaying faith* in the face of doubt
  •     Showing kindness to neighbors; loving neighbors as ourselves
  •     Living with integrity (being the same person no matter whom you’re with)
  •     Practicing brotherly love
  •     Employing perseverance and discipline in the face of obstacles
  •     Seeking opportunities to improve the world by asking, “How may I serve?”
  •     Practicing daily meditation to increase awareness and mindfulness
  •     Practicing quiet contemplation to develop insight, wisdom
  •     Treating others as we would like to be treated (the golden rule)
  •     Facing hatred with compassion; loving your enemies
  •     Practicing honesty; telling the truth, avoiding lies
  •     Compassion; wanting more for others than you do for yourself
  •     Avoiding fideistic, rigid, fundamentalist worldviews
  •     Appreciation, gratitude
  •     Wonder, fascination (I’m not sure about these yet though I did notice they were included in another, shorter list of universal spiritual principles)

* Faith: the belief that living by these basic, universal, common-sense spiritual principles will lead to a full life overflowing with compassion,
deep friendships, following passions and interests,
and eventually leading to inner peace or even enlightenment
(that amazing “peace that passes all understanding”)

source: Search for Truth –

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  1. Fantastic list of spiritual principles, wonderfully devoid of religious dogma. Another very interesting read: Is Alcoholics Anonymous a religious program, or isn’t it?

    • no it isn’t. EVERYONE is welcome and opinion are many… you take what you need and leave the rest!

      Linda H

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