Posted by: RealisticRecovery | April 8, 2011

How to Deal With Regret

How to Deal With Regret – Learning How to Handle Regrets Can Change Your Life
By Celeste Jamils

Regret is to remember with a sense of loss or to wish otherwise. Do you have regrets and if you do what do you do about them? Do you dwell on your regrets, do you ask what can you do, do they stop you from taking risks? Are you hanging on to “shoulda, woulda, coulda” ideals? There are ways to deal with regret, but you first have to want to deal with them. Regrets are like a noose around your neck and interfere with your motivation and life. Regrets my cause you to be unhappy and have feelings you do not want to have.

It is better use of your energy to learn from your mistakes than dwelling on them and having regrets. Focusing on missed opportunities and disappointments will just bring you down. Redirect your focus to see what lies ahead. Realize that when one door closes another opens. If you continue to only focus on the closed door you will never see the open door. Holding onto your past is detrimental to your future. Find the courage to move on from your past. You will always see something better ahead but you will not see it if you are constantly looking behind you.

Do not dwell on missed opportunities but take the opportunity to learn from them. Focus on looking forward and not looking back. Accept your mistakes, make friends with them and then put them on a shelf. Make your motto “No Regrets” and post it in a prominent place. Look at the opportunities you have not chosen and take a step back to see it from a different angle or perspective and think about what you would have done different.

Identify exactly what you regret – has it been distorted over time – did you have any responsibility over the regret? Evaluate your answers and learn from them so you won’t make the same choices and you will be able to deal with your regret.

When you recognize what holding onto regrets are doing to your life you can take the steps to do something about them. Having regrets are not healthy unless you have learned from them. Lastly forgive yourself and anyone else who may be involved. Forgiveness is a step in releasing you from the punishment from your regrets.

Set a goal for yourself to list your regrets and ways that you can deal with them. List different ways you would handle the different situations. Evaluate your list, ask others for their advice – how the would have handled a situation. Reassess you list from time to time adding and deleting items and modifying your choices in how you will handle your regrets. When you learn to deal with your regret, learn from them and put them in their proper place you will have a happier life.

Sometimes you read something and it can totally change your life. Do not spend one more day miserable. You can change your life forever. Don’t be robbed of your peace, joy and happiness for one more day. []

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