Posted by: RealisticRecovery | February 9, 2010

Video: Nicotine In The Brain

Video: Nicotine In The Brain

This video goes on to talk about how nicotine affects a person’s brain and overall well-being.

And how it affects Dopamine levels to trick your brain into a short-lived feeling of well-being..



  1. Thanks for this important information, Mike. I heard after the drugs and alcohol that caffeine and nicotine are the most commonly used to mood alter.

  2. Scientists say cigarettes’ most addictive component — nicotine — may also lead to degeneration in a region of the brain that affects emotional control, sexual arousal, REM sleep and seizures. The findings, reported in a new study, could help doctors pinpoint the part of the brain that gives some people increased susceptibility to chronic smoking or drug addiction, researchers said. “Nicotine causes the most selective degeneration in the brain that I have ever seen,” said the study’s lead author, neuroscientist Gaylord Ellison.^

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