Posted by: RealisticRecovery | January 22, 2010

Atheist Prayer by Martin Willett

Atheist Prayer by Martin Willett

Let us take responsibility for our own actions, inactions, strengths and frailties and not project them onto ghosts, spirits, stars, portents and gods unseen.

Let us have the courage to accept that one person’s faith is another person’s bloody-minded pig-headed refusal to accept the obvious.

Let us have the courage to accept that the person at the front of all crowds, including this one, doesn’t know all the answers.

Let us have the wisdom to accept that if our ancestors had fared differently in wars our communities would be holding different absurdities up as sacred truths, and the willingness to accept those absurdities would be seen as the badge of social trustworthiness or even the right to be allowed to draw breath.

Let us accept that the difference between a prophet and a madman is not what they say but whether the crowd accepts the story and tells their children to believe it.

Let us have the courage to accept that wanting to believe in something with every fibre of our being does not and cannot make it true.

Truth needs no help, no believers, no bowed heads and no amens.




  1. If Mr Willett’s prayer is keeping him sober-GREAT !
    I accept my own need for a Power greater than my self. If it be a delusion-so be it-It has brought me sobriety with serenity, and a sense of belonging. I vividly recall several years ago of meeting a self-professed atheist in AA who refused to say the Lord’s Prayer at the close of meetings. Nobody visibly objected. A year or so later I went back and noticed the same individual was now joining hands and reciting with the group the Lord’s Prayer. Afterwards I asked what had changed and he simply said , “ME, I wanted to belong”

  2. Jay, I’ve changed too. Since getting sober 15 years ago. I was always uncomfortable saying a Christian prayer in an AA meeting and quit doing so when I was three years sober. Now after more than a decade and a half of sobriety, I find that I don’t believe in any God…not any God that has a plan for use anyway or who is involved in human relations. Personally, I don’t actually believe there is any cosmic intelligence either. Anyway, I don’t think others need to be atheist like me, but I do think that recovery needs to be available to atheists and while I find the prayer above to be a bit aggressive, there is nothing in there which wouldn’t be good for all of us to consider a little more often.

  3. LOVE this “prayer.” Just what I needed to read.

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