Posted by: RealisticRecovery | January 5, 2010

Signs of Healthy Boundaries

Signs of Healthy Boundaries

Appropriate trust.
Revealing a little of yourself at atime, then checking to see how the other person responds to your sharing.
Moving step-by-step into intimacy.
Putting a new acquaintance on hold until you check for compatibility.
Deciding whether a potential relationship will be good for you.
Staying focused on your own growth and recovery.
Weighing the consequences before acting on a sexual impulse.
Being sexual when you want to be sexual.
Maintaining personal values despite what others want.
Noticing when someone else displays inapppropriate boundaries.
Noticing when someone invades your boundaries.
Saying “no” to food, gifts, touch, sex you don’t want.
Asking a person before touching them.
Respect for others — not taking advantage of someone’s generosity.
Self Respect — not giving too much in hope that someone will like you.
Not allowing someone to take advantage of your generosity.
Trusting your own decisions.
Defining your truth as you see it.
Knowing who you are and what you want.
Recognizing that friends and partners are not mind readers.
Clearly communicating your wants and needs.
knowing you might get turned down, but you have the right to ask.
Avoiding expectations.
Becoming your own parent.
Talking to yourself with gentleness, love and respect.
Acknowledging your shadow self.



  1. I hope you don’t mind — I recopied this blog post, with full credit and links back to your blog in general and this post in specific.

    (If you notify me in an email or a comment on my blog that you do mind, I’ll delete my reprint.)

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