Posted by: RealisticRecovery | July 29, 2009

Ways to Stay Emotionally Healthy

Ways to Stay Emotionally Healthy

It’s really important to keep your body healthy, but you also need to keep your mind in tip-top shape as well. Of course, by taking care of your body through nutrition, exercise and overall care, your mind will feel better.   But there is more to it than that.   Stress is a major source of frustration for teens.   That means you should try out different techniques when it comes to relaxing. Here are some great tips that will help keep you in excellent emotional health:

Eat right and exercise You’ve heard it before, but it is important.   A healthy diet and regular exercise are good for your body and your mind.

Make the right decisions Think things through, look at pros and cons.   If you get pressured into something you don’t want to do, you might feel bad about it later.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol Alcohol and drugs will confuse adults and teens alike.   These substances are not the right way to deal with emotions and may get you into serious trouble down the road.

Stay close with your friends Having someone to talk to really helps when you are stressed out.   If you don’t have close friends, get involved in a club or activity where you can meet people with the same interests.

Keep your family close Your family can offer some of the best support you need when you are feeling confused.   If it is difficult talking to your parents, try an aunt or a sibling. If you feel you can’t talk to anyone in your family, try another adult you trust like a teacher, school counselor or friend of your family.

Relax Find out what best helps you relax, and do it.   Letting stress from school, work, peers, and parents rule your life is not healthy.   Breathe deeply, write in your journal, go for a run or simply take some time for yourself to calm down.

Do what you enjoy Find out what really makes you happy.   You might have a hobby that you just love, or a pet that you can’t be without.   Set aside time each day to do what you love and watch how good it makes you feel.

Set goals for yourself and accomplish them These goals don’t have to be major, like “be the first female president of the U.S.”   Instead, tell yourself you are going to get an A- in English, ride your bike for three miles or clean out your sock drawer by Tuesday.   Achieving goals builds confidence and improves your mood.



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