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10 Tips for Staying Healthy

10 Tips for Staying Healthy

April 15, 2009

10 Tips for Staying Healthy & Well In Times of Stress and Uncertainty

With doom and gloom surrounding the economy, it would be easy to internalize the stress around us and let it grind us down. But no matter how the financial meltdown has touched your life, you don’t have to let it affect your spiritual, mental, and physical well- being.

Each week on my radio show The Good Life with Jesse Dylan, I talk with the world’s leading experts in health of mind, body and spirit to give listeners the latest insights into personal health and transformational living. My new companion book, The Good Life with Jesse Dylan, brings together the best information of the past three years from outstanding guests. Here’s a distillation of the book’s “Top 10” tips.

1. The 35/40 Rule
You don’t have to be obese to face health risks with fat. Even if your height and weight fit your recommended body mass index (BMI), you can still have increased risk for diabetes, cancer and heart disease if your fat is in the wrong place – your lower abdomen. Wrap a tape measure around your waist at belly-button level. Women larger than 35 inches should take notice, as should men over 40 inches.

2. Eat for nutrition
Take a stand with diet. Avoid food rich in saturated fats, make the move from processed to whole grains, make sure you’re eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day, and get back to cooking real food with fresh ingredients.

3. Fitness in 10 minutes
California exercise guru Sean Foy has developed a new way to meet your exercise requirements in just 10 minutes a day. Using his 4-3-2-1 high-intensity interval training program, you get 4 minutes of aerobics, 3 minutes of resistance exercises, 2 minutes of core, and one minute of stretching and breathing for a complete workout.

4. Take your D3 and omega-3
Reduce cancer risk with 1000 IU of vitamin D3 each day, and decrease your risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s with 600 mg daily of DHA (omega-3 essential fatty acid). Visit your local health store or the vitamin department of your supermarket or pharmacy for advice on good DHA and omega-3 supplements.

5. Discover adaptogenic herbs
Make food your medicine. Modern-day plant medicine researcher Chris Kilham recommends four adaptogenic herbs for enhanced endurance, stamina, strength, alertness, mental function and immunity: schizandra berry, Rodiola rosea, ashwaghanda, and eleuthero root (known previously as Siberian ginseng).

6. Remember ginger and garlic
Make tea with a little fresh-shredded ginger root and you have a powerful healing elixir for indigestion, sinus congestion, and cold prevention. Eat garlic whenever you can – it lowers bad LDL cholesterol, improves HDL cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, and helps prevent colds.

7. Stick with green tea
Green tea is one of the most effective and least expensive natural remedies. Drink a cup or two every night to lower your cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, and increase your protection against UVA and UVB rays.

8. Heal yourself with laughter
Laughter improves immune function and accelerates healing. Dr. Bernie Siegel has been teaching patients how to heal with joy and laughter for nearly 30 years. One of his favorite games is WWLD – What Would Lucy Do? Like Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, he advises you to lighten up, let yourself be a kid again, and kindle laughter with harmless jokes and spontaneous fun. Learn to love laughter – it’s powerful medicine!

9. Live with purpose
Rediscover your life purpose each and every day. Champion triathlete Jim MacClaren and philanthropist Azim Jamal tell us to awaken each morning determined to “choose life” and live with purposeful thought and action. If we are parents, we might feel a sense of purpose in being a healthy example for our children. If we are career professionals, we can recognize the importance of eating and exercising right so we’re in the best physical and mental state to perform our work. If we are spiritual seekers, we want to nurture our body and mind as a vehicle for our inner work. Think about your purpose.

10. Meditate
Meditation improves mood, mental function, immune system response, and even personal insight (like life purpose!). Find a quiet place, sit comfortably, and close your eyes. Start with a few long, deep breaths and slow exhalations, then simply let your body dictate the pace of your breathing. Allow thoughts to come and go, watching them without judgment as though you’re “witness” to their content. Ten minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes – all you’re looking for is a few seconds of connection with Silence.

We live in challenging times, and it’s easy to neglect our health if we obsess about our bank balance, the rent or our mortgage. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Use these 10 tips to invest in something that’s sure to outlast any economic downturn: You!

source: For more on Jesse Dylan or to hear him talk about his new book The Good Life please check this out


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