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Coincidences & Synchronicity

Coincidences & Synchronicity

Are coincidences based on random hap-hazard chance, or is there more to the story. On the surface it would appear, according to what ‘Mum & Dad’ taught us, that there is nothing special about these ‘flukes’ of chance. On the other hand, in the light of quantum science and the fundamental Law of unity, it appears that synchronicity is a plausable concept. In fact some say that’s all there really is to the ‘mechanism’ of life.

A co-incident as the title suggests, is a meeting or co-joining of two incidents, yet there is nothing to imply that these events must be unrelated. What we have not yet learned is that this mechanism of synchronistic coincidences might actually already exist in the universe. Or more accurately, as the universe.

It’s just that when you are living your dramas and playing a role within the movie of life, it is difficult to see the big picture view afforded to the director. We get caught in our stuff. Stuck in the box of boundaries and limitations we have learned.

When you give yourself the chance to strech your square outside the box of old learnings, you begin to get a handle on the directors viewpoint. The most empowering aspect of this new perspective is that you recognise there are many more choices available than the ones inside the box and possibilities that weren’t perceivable before, suddenly appear. What if coincidences actually are a product or extension of our consciousness!

Accidents or Implicate Order?

Whichever way you look at this, there is an active process which brings back to you what you output. This doesn’t only occur between business hours or on weekends, it’s happening 24/7! So in the same way that we capitalise on the fact that water flows downhill or that heat rises, how might we make valuable use of these occurrences?

This is the mechanism we call synchronicity or the Law of Attraction. Interlinked with the meanings we hold in our belief systems, the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity can not be separated no more than you can separate a shirt from it’s fabric.

One way to understand this idea quite simply is that everything changes everything else instantly, always. Change is not isolated or localised. Whenever you change anything, everything else is affected and shifts to accommodate that change. It’s just that you don’t see this immediately every time.

For example.
If you have a belief that you are ‘stupid’ (or you are made to feel ‘stupid’ sometimes – same thing), the laws of synchronicity, attraction and coincidence are already active (and have always been active), drawing to you the people, places situations and events to reflect this in the appropriate timing.

One day you decide you would rather feel differently, so you choose to find someone to help you change that belief. That afternoon you find yourself back in the company of one of those who was treating you as if you were ‘stupid’. Their behaviour remains the same but, you are actually feeling so much more OK with who you are now, that your behaviour is different. This person has to accommodate your difference and find a new way to respond to your new responses. This is the ‘testing point’ of personal change that is often talked of.

The transformation within your closest circles will be just like this. The difference of the energy of your new belief, broadcast the instant you changed it, has already been taken in by all and sundry everywhere and when throughout the universe.

Suddenly, having a new belief system, you find wherever you go that no one is ‘making you feel like you are stupid’ anymore and you say… “Isn’t that a coincidence.” Yes the two incidences ARE connected and yes you might be surprised (only because you put it down to mum & dads teaching). However there is NO accident involved.

Coincidences & accidents/misfortune.

What we call accidents or unfortunate events, are still a product of the principles of synchronicity and the attraction of like energy – meanings and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Your beliefs, not your goodness or badness is what you get reflected.

Some people choose to follow their joy and they keep finding it. These people have not learned much about doubt. Others choose to follow their joy yet don’t always connect with it 100%. A bit like me – I’m also learning my lessons that doubt is just trust disguised as a negative learning. But there are those who navigate their whole life by avoiding the dangers. Trust is something they have not learned much about and so their doubt is what gets reflected the most and often as unfortunate events.

[SIDE NOTE]- What we also need to consider here is the question: “Do we exist for a purpose or is existence devoid & meaningless?” I mention this because we need to include the factor of life purpose in the equasion of coincidences. If we have differing lessons to learn or if indeed we have chosen (on some unconscious level) the basic theme of our existence, then we need scope to allow for this possibility to play out because even within such confines (should they exist), coincidences will still be prevalent.

You might call it negative synchronicity or negative coincidence, but it remains the result of a powerful energetic interactive force of the nature of this universe and by extension the nature of yourself. An implicate order within the apparent chaos of physical life.

Conscious coincidence.

The most important message here is not whether or not synchronicity exists, because it’s very nature will totally support either idea. You will synchronistically NOT NOTICE coincidences if you take the view that synchronicity isn’t possible however, and this is a major key, when you DO NOTICE synchronicity, coincidences will show up even more and you will be able to use them as valuable tools, among which is evidence that you are connected to everything.

Coincidences confirm that you do belong and that you have a powerful effortless ability to manifest and outwardly validate the influence of your existence. After all, the external reality is nothing more than a marvelous mirror and having no power of it’s own, can ONLY reflect back to you the meanings you hold most strongly.

The timing of these reflections is one thing we have yet to gain power over. In the meantime, use your experiences and trust that whatever you perceive ‘out there’ in the world is a result of an effortless power personified as you.

source: Personal Development with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)



  1. “After all, the external reality is nothing more than a marvelous mirror and having no power of it’s own, can ONLY reflect back to you the meanings you hold most strongly.”

    wow.. that’s a powerful statement. i like that. thanks.

  2. That is powerful, I’ll go back and highlight that line.


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