Posted by: RealisticRecovery | June 3, 2009

Video – Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats –  Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats

Artist Chris Jordan shows us an arresting view of what Western culture looks like. His supersized images picture some almost unimaginable statistics — like the astonishing  images of addiction and cigarettes…

Hit the button in the the top right corner of the viewer to see this video in full-screen mode , it looks better – MH



  1. that’s pretty cool

  2. is one of the best sites I have ever seen on the internet. (National Geographic is cool too)
    It’s one of the reasons I stopped watching TV.
    I can’t believe that we can’t get a channel like this on TV, and yet we get bombarded with distractions like “American Idol” and all the other fake “reality” TV programming.
    It scares me, the world is hurting right now, and people have turned their backs on reality.

    But i wasn’t surprised at all when I saw a video on your site: Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy?
    The one question I’ve never asked myself. haha

    I will include more videos here.


    • rocks! TV sucks. I can’t really watch TV anymore. It’s on a lot while I’m screwing around on the internet, but I don’t really watch it. I don’t even know what shows are on anymore. The reality shows are quite ridiculous now too, although I must admit I watched a few episodes of Rock of Love Bus, but don’t tell anyone.

      It is scary how the world is so crazy right now, and no one cares. Even just the thing aobut smoking — my parents smoked, but quit sometime in the 80’s. I smoked, and quit a few years back, except for the few cigarettes I picked up recently. It’s crazy that cigarettes are still legal or even affordable. How many more people need to die? I work for a social service agency, and we sometimes give out food vouchers to people in need — usually the kids have no food, but the parent always has a pack of smokes in his/her pocket. Who knows what else they have in their pockets too.

      I have been no better in the past — I just drank all the time, drove drunk, and didn’t care about anything else but my own misery for a long time. Everyone needs a “thinking adjustment,” not just alcoholics or addicts. The 9-11 attacks woke some people up for a short period of time, but it’s like no one cares anymore.

      I think it’s like the guy says in the video — the numbers just seem too great for one person, or one community to make a positive impact. But we know that it just takes one thought, one action, one person to change a life. I guess we can just start with ourselves and see what happens from there.

  3. You watch “Rock of Love Bus” ?
    I did not know that you watched “Rock of Love Bus”.
    Your secret is safe with me that you watch “Rock of Love Bus”.
    In no way whatsoever will I bring up the fact to anyone out there in internet-land that you watch “Rock of…..”
    HaHa. I think you just re-defined the phrase “guilty pleasure”.

    I had to google this to see what it was, and then tried to actually watch a clip.

    But luckily for me my internet connection got cut off at the border and an error message came up on my screen:” Sorry, but you cannot import this amount of cheese into Canada without a permit.”


  4. hahahahaha! But hey, a show about drunken sluts — it’s like watching myself on TV, but skinnier and with fake boobs. What’s not to love?

  5. LOL

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