Posted by: RealisticRecovery | May 22, 2009

Men and Mental Health

Men and Mental Health

by Dr. John Nickens

Popular wisdom holds that men are more stoic, or perhaps less in touch with their feelings, then are women.  Now a recent study done in Great Britain reveals that the popular wisdom is true.  For you the popular wisdom may not have needed validation, but the numbers are still interesting, and also concerning.

Researchers found that 37% of men surveyed report feeling of anxiety and depression.  The primary factors causing distress in their lives were job security, work and money.  This appears to be a direct result of the global economic free-fall, and so can be presumed to be valid in most countries that trade beyond their borders.

The study continues to provide illuminating statistics.  At least 31% of the men surveyed  report they would feel embarrassed to seek mental health help, and only 14% would seek any kind of medical attention for symptoms of anxiety or depression, compared with 37% of women who would do so.   Just as concerning, only 29% of men would talk to friends about their inner struggle, compared to 53% of women who would do so.

With more and more job loss in our community, and the overwhelming feelings of loss and fears that happen when one faces the collapse of a hard-earned lifestyle, we can expect that we ourselves and many people around us will experience increased stress and anxiety.   This is an appeal to the men, and those who love and care about them, to seek the support and guidance of a qualified mental health professional when occasional worry turns into more persistent anxiety, or more.  Encourage the men that you think may be suffering in silence, or not so silently with alcohol or drugs,  to make an appointment.   Doing so is a sign of courage and strength.

Are you feeling anxious, sad or worrying more than usual?  Beat the odds the researchers report… reach out for support today.

source: dr. j’s therapy blog


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