Posted by: RealisticRecovery | May 22, 2009

Anxiety and Thought Stopping Techniques

Anxiety and Thought Stopping Techniques

article deleted by request and can still be found at it’s original source as previously linked to :



  1. great article, I’m using it right now to STOP my negative intruding thoughts about the project I’m working on…thanks

    • Hey Cate, how are you,

      Check out the”Overcoming Procrastination” post too.
      When you get around to it that is. LOL


  2. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and although i KNOW that i am causing it by my thinking i find it difficult to change my thinking..i have come back to this posting a few times and have been doing the is amazing what one word can do..i’ve a long way to go, but this certainly DOES help in some way..thank you for sharing

  3. Hey gypsysioned:

    Thanks for coming to my site and commenting.
    When you get a chance, snoop around the site: tons of info now that inter-relates.

    As for this “stop” technique, it’s empowering and it does work.

    I’m seriously thinking of making a little “coin-size” stop sign to keep in my pocket, or draw a stop sign on the back of an old business card to keep in my wallet and look at when needed.

    Just another tool to help train myself to realize “I am in control here”.


  4. Mike – We have the rights to publish this article and you have posted it without permission. Please remove it from your blog asap.

    • Sorry, article deleted.
      Great article tho, visitors to this site seem to like it.

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