Posted by: RealisticRecovery | May 17, 2009

Causes and effects of the dysfunctional family

Causes and effects of the dysfunctional family
by Maria Vrakas,

“Dys” is a prefix that means abnormal, difficult, and bad. “Functional” means working. When the prefix “dys” is placed in front of the word “functional, then you have something that isn’t quite working. In this case, it is a family. What are the causes of a dysfunctional family?

When two people decide to join hands in matrimony, then they agree to join in decision-making when it comes to dealing with family issues.

Children are excellent observers of behavior and we must not underestimate the power of a child’s mind. When a problem arises and the two people who hold authority in the household argue over where to go for the solution, there is no question that, the children are aware. Children are imitators of their most important role models: their parents. In time, they will repeat what they hear and use the same tone that is often heard. If arguments over problem-solving happen consistently, then we have a dysfunctional family.

If two people choose to have children together, then they have already agreed that they will work together in raising the children. If mom chooses to stay home and take care of the children as well as the house responsibilities, dad still has to take part in raising his children. There is no argument that dad plays the difficult role in taking care of the family financially, but the work of a stay-at-home mom is difficult as well. Money is undoubtedly necessary to survive. However, it is not more important than spending quality time with your family because time is indefinite. If two people who choose to have children decide not to work together when they have arrived, then we have a dysfunctional family.

It is important that these things be discussed before walking down the isle: how we want to raise our family; if we want to even have a family; religion; travel; work. Having a discussion over the topics mentioned matters a great deal. If two people cannot agree to work together, then the chance is greater that they will be part of a dysfunctional family.


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