Posted by: RealisticRecovery | May 6, 2009

12 Statements – Anonymous SOS Member’s Version

here’s another secular version of the 12 Steps pioneered by AA. found on

12 Statements – Anonymous  SOS  Member

I have constructed, borrowing from other sources, my own works in progress version of AA’s 12 Steps. I am looking forward to integrating new ideas. “Sharing” my Twelve Statements as follows:

1. I have a life threatening problem. My past efforts to establish sobriety have been unsuccessful. I believe that I have choices and that my life no longer need be unmanageable. I accept responsibility for myself and my recovery.
2. I believe that a power within myself in tandem with supports and strengths beyond my own awareness and resources can restore me to a healthier, more balanced, and positive state of mind, body and soul.
3. I make a decision to entrust my will and life to the care of myself, the collective wisdom of those who have struggled with the same problem, and those in support of me.
4. I make a searching and fearless inventory of myself, of my strengths and weaknesses. I choose not to permit problems to overwhelm me, rather to focus on personal growth and the unconditional acceptance of others and myself.
5. I admit to myself, and if I choose, to another person or persons the exact nature of the negative, injurious aspects of my thinking and behavior. I explore the goodness within myself: the positive, courageous, and compassionate.
6. I focus on healing, abolishing self-blame and shame, and understanding the boundaries of my responsibilities. I remain open to the help and support of others as I address the challenge of change.
7. I embrace introspection and work towards alleviating my shortcomings. I strive for personal growth and fulfillment over perfection, and to become integrated with collective humanness.
8. I will consider those that I have harmed and those that have harmed me. I will become willing to explore my feelings regarding those harms.
9. I will make direct amends, as I deem appropriate and not injurious, to those whom I have harmed or negatively impacted and to myself.
10. I will continue sincere and meaningful self-evaluation, and strive for personal betterment.
11. I will seek to improve my awareness and understanding of myself, my addiction, and of other individuals and organizations with the common goal of arresting alcohol addiction.
12. With newfound acceptance and insight I will try to keep awareness, and compassion for others and myself, in the fore.

A SOS Member.


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