Posted by: RealisticRecovery | April 22, 2009

Video – Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart

Great video of Craig Ferguson from the Late Show on CBS.

A brilliant example of “attraction rather than promotion” in action. A very rare 12min of network TV with no commercials. How he pulled this off, I do not know, Brilliant.



  1. I loved this excerpt of Craigs! I seen this when it first aired and I about fell off my couch that night…I was so proud of him! Thanks for posting.
    April C

  2. All I can say is Thanks! I just watched this …. it was amazing.



  3. wow… i’ve never heard someone speak so honestly about alcoholism, except at aa meeings. that’s pretty cool.

  4. I passed this around some of my AA buddies. They were all blown away.

    Ive heard other celebs refer to their AA involvement without breaking anonymity specifically. I respect this. They talk about their sobriety and some of the things it took to get there but never mention AA specifically.

    This is prudent and in keeping with the traditions I think.

    Thanks again for posting it.



  5. I’m glad you guys took the time to watch this.
    And thanks for taking the time to comment too.
    I hate TV and no longer watch.
    But I have to admit, this is one of the best 12 mins of TV I’ve ever seen.
    Funny, Honest, Heartfelt, Revealing, Funny, Realistic, Entertaining, Rational, Funny, Risky, and most important, of great “service” to his viewers.
    “I woke up covered in my own urine, at least I think it was mine.” Brutal but hilarious.
    I would love to go to a speaker meeting with him as the guest speaker.


  6. I am on my 8th week as of 9-12-10 after 40 years of hard drinking. Last couple of weeks have gotten very hard and last night i just about lost the fight!! 9-13-10 until i saw Ferguson speaks from the heart for the first time. Watch him every night and thought he is one of the best!! Now i know he is the BEST!!! Thank you Craig Ferguson as i am sure many others have. Mark in Phoenix, Az.

    • Hey Mark, congratulations on 8wks!! That’s incredible, especially after 40 yrs!
      Keep going forward.
      Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and commenting too.


  7. Thanks for hosting that! He did a great job sharing his experience, strength, and hope in a lengthy yet thoroughly engaging and entertaining manner.

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