Posted by: RealisticRecovery | April 19, 2009

What is Pornography Addiction?

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What is Pornography Addiction?

Much of what is applied to sexual addiction in general applies to pornography addiction as well. The mechanisms behind the addiction are the same–only the stimulus has been changed. The following is provided to assist you in helping define these simuli.

What is it?

Pornography, is to be considered the act of viewing any recorded sexually graphic material for the purpose of sexual and/or romantic stimulation. It should be noted that the presence of genitalia or sexual activity is not necessary for the visual stimulation to be classified as pornography (again, in the context of this workshop only) as our primary goal is to identify the underlying patterns of behavior, rather than to learn the technical classifications of each behavior.

Like masturbation, but in a much more limited scope, pornography can actually be used to promote intimacy and sexual health within a relationship. The scope of this, however, is so small that it is not recommended for anyone struggling with any sexually-compulsive behaviors until they have made the transition from recovery to health. One of the biggest consequences that pornography brings to the equation is its ability to zap the person of their emotional energy. This makes relationships (especially when those relationships involve intimacy) extremely difficult to maintain. It also effects their ability to produce the energy and strength needed to make the changes that need to be made in recovery.

Pornography is an exceptionally difficult behavior to deal with, due to its ease of access (both overtly and subtly). Additionally, one’s ability to remember the images viewed (and the emotional connections that were associated with those images) create an instant “porn library” inside their head that is available for fantasy and masturbation…even when those images are no longer physically available.


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