Posted by: RealisticRecovery | April 19, 2009

Great Sex Addiction Link:

I was directed to this site by a friend of mine in a 12-Step program, Peter. Thanks Peter. I thought by the domain name that it was going to be a more general info site for addiction, but it turns out to be the best site I’ve seen specifically for Sexual Addiction.

The next few entries following this one will also be from, dealing with: What is Sexual Addiction? What is Love Addiction? What is Pornography Addiction?

Here’s some info from their homepage: : Within this site exists free self-help recovery resources for sex addicts, love addicts and porn addicts that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, anyone struggling with any type of sexually compulsive behavior–whether you consider it an addiction or not–can benefit from Recovery Nation. Each resource was built to assist you, your partner and/or anyone seeking to fully understand the sex, love and porn addictions in such a way as to facilitate a permanent recovery and/or healing process.



  1. Interesting site. I looked and looked for a religious disclosure and didn’t find one. That has me feeling hopeful that this would be a good resource for atheists like me. Thanks!

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