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Eating Disorders: Three-fold Disease

Eating Disorder article from: Eating Disorder Nation


An eating disorder, like any addiction, is three-fold in nature. That means that the addiction affects you in three ways: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Identifying how your eating disorder affects you in those areas may be hard. Unless you see a doctor, health consequences resulting from your eating disorder may go undetected. When you are in your addiction, you are most likely using it as a way to escape your emotions. So emotionally you may feel numb a good part of the time. Or, on the other hand, you may be overwhelmed by your emotions. And spiritually (not necessarily in a religious sense), you may have lost faith in a lot of things, and any sense of peace may be gone.

For example, in my case, physically my eating disorder caused weakness, stomach issues, osteopenia, hair loss, malnutrition, muscle deterioration, and fatigue. Emotionally my eating disorder made me very moody and irritable. I was paranoid a lot of the time, bitter, and in denial. I was also very pessimistic and immature. Spiritually I had no sense of peace or belonging. I had lost faith in a higher power and felt that I would never find happiness.

It’s important in recovery to pay attention to these three things. Pinpointing how your eating disorder affects these things will help you stay in long term recovery!

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  1. Hi, I am new to wordpress. I have eating disorder and body image issues. My husband is a 12-stepper for alcoholism and has some great results.

    I see you refer to the 12-steps too.

    Have you found this helpful for eating disorders and body image?

  2. Hello searching888:
    I’m new to WordPress too, and I am successfully recovering from multiple addictions.
    I have never had an eating disorder myself but a few of the women I have had relationships with have had eating disorders of some type.
    Is there something about guys with addictions and women with eating disorders that attract each other? And why?
    Do we somehow enable each other perfectly in some co-dependent way, without having to give up our addictions/disorders?
    I don’t know of any official data on this, but have seen these relationships enough to start to wonder.
    One thing I have noticed about my change of eating habits lately, is that while I am getting rid of my addictions one-by-one, I am eating more, and eating less healthy.
    I suspect I am trying to nurture/self-medicate myself in some way that I used to with all my drugs, alcohol, other addictions and behaviors.
    Now that I am aware of it , it will not become a problem and I will try to find info on this phenomenon to see if this common.
    Glad your husband is getting great results with the 12-steps, one of the best things about the 12-step meetings is finding out you’re not alone.
    I have noticed that Overeaters Anonymous uses the 12-steps also for recovery, I would recommend checking their website for recovery info and possibly finding a meeting in your area if you are not attending already.

    Hope and Recovery
    Mike H.

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